Dear fellow reenactors and living historians,

In Ancestors' Footsteps will hopefully take place this year,

6-11 July 2021, if pandemic restrictions allow us to do so. Here you will find updates on what is going on with the event.

We are currently not able to have a public event because of the pandemic, but we are striving towards hosting an event for the participants on Birka. Read more below!

If you are interested in joining us for the event, we welcome reenactors and living historians to send an application. The registration is open from January 2021, and closes May 1st.

USING YOUR MOBILE PHONE? Then you will find the link to registration and authenticity guide at the bottom of this page. It is down there somewhere... it might take a little while. But you will get there.


Cissi, Petra, Max G, Fredrik, Elisabet, Erik & Max S

You can apply to participate in this event by following this link:

You can find the Authenticity Guide by following this link:

1st May 2021 - Last day of registration!

We are very glad that many more of you have registred for the event 2021! As you know, we are striving to organize an event on Birka. You will know if it is possible on 1st June.

Some of you trying to register for the event have made us aware that on the mobile version of this web page, the link to the registration (and authenticity guide) is not where it is supposed to be. Thank you for making us aware of that! You will find it if you keep scolling. And scrolling. As we say in Sweden, "den som väntar på något gott, väntar aldrig för länge!".

If the mobile version of the web page have kept you from sending your application, don't worry. We will sort it out! Email us if you have any questions.

Stay safe!

23 April 2021 - Some good news, some bad news

Dear reenactors, living historians and visitors!

We have some goods news and some bad news.

The bad news: Due to the current situation and pandemic restrictions we cannot carry out the event ”In Ancestors’ Footsteps” 2021 as planned. There will not be a public event with visitors in Lövhagen this year. We are of course very sorry we’ve had to make this decision, but we hope to welcome back visitors again next year!

The good news: Even though the event can't be public this year, the organizers are currently striving towards a corona-safe event for the participants – i.e. reenactors and living historians. We have been in contact with Birka, who are willing to lend us an area on the museum grounds. However, since we don’t yet know what the pandemic restrictions will look like in July, we cannot give you a final answer before 1st of June.

We completely understand if many of you cannot wait until the beginning of June for a final answer on whether we can meet safely on Birka or not, and therefore choose to plan other summer activities instead of our event. For those of you who are still interested, registration is open until 1st of May, and we welcome anyone with an interest to apply. We do hope that those of you who have already applied can and want to join us on Birka, if possible.

Do not hestitate to email us if you have any questions ( You can also find us on instagram (@iforfadersspar).

Best regards,

The organizers of In Ancestors’ Footsteps

Cecilia, Petra, Erik, Max S, Fredrik, Elisabet & Max G

11 April 2021 - Do not forget to register before 1st of May

Hope you are enjoying that spring is upon us. However, don’t forget to send in your application for this years event! We are keeping our fingers crossed that restrictions for public events will be uppdated until then, although we can’t make any promises. The last day to do so is the 1st of May.

4 March 2021 - Have you registrered yet?

If you have not, here is a gentle reminder to send in your application for In Ancestors' Footsteps 2021. However, as we have stated before, we will only go through with the event if pandemic restrictions allow us to do so.

You can find the registration link at the top of this page.

10 February 2021 - Authenticity guide updated by Kalle!

Today we would like to thank Kalle Kronlund! In the authenticity guide it is stated that metal fittings on chests are not allowed. This is wrong since there are findings with lots of fitting, especially from Oseberg. So, thanks to Kalle, who notified us about that, we will change it in the guide. If you have any questions or found something of note in the authenticity guide, please don't hesitate to contact us!

4 January 2021 - Tent update!

In the autenticity guide we have previously written that cotton tents would not be allowed from 2021. However, we have decided that this goal will be postponed. Hence, cotton tents are allowed for this years event. Thank you for bringing that to our attention.

Have a great continuation of the week and stay healthy!

1 Januari 2021 - Registration is now open!

We welcome everyone of our dear fellow reenactors to apply for this year's event! Registration is open 1/1-1/5. If pandemic restrictions allow it, the event will take place 6-11 July this year. We will keep you updated, and we really hope to see you there!

8 December 2020 - Authenticity Guide

The Authenticity Guide is once again up and going! In January we will also upload some more material on how to make simple garments.

18 November 2020 - Update

We as organisers have reflected upon the feedback we received from you as participants and we really want to thank you for sharing your thoughts – both positive and negative – with us. Based on your feedback we will be making some changes in responsibilities and tasks among us in order to improve the overall experience for you. Here are a few of the changes:

  • Official communication and announcements will be made via e-mail and on our website. Using our website and email instead of Facebook is to ensure that no one misses out on important information. Hopefully it will make it easier for you to find everything that you need. However, the Facebook group will still be active!
  • All electronic communication, with the participants, will be overseen by at least two organisers.
  • The application process will be managed by two other organisers.
  • The workshop schedule will be more structured and announced more clearly during the event.
  • A visual guide with examples of simple garments will be added to complement the Authenticity Guide.
  • We will strive to make ourselves more visible and accessible during the event, in case you have questions or need any help.
  • The event can be visited by anyone during opening hours and we encourage you to come as you are, historical clothing or not.

There has also been some feedback that not all the participants have felt as welcome as we would like them to feel, or even felt unfairly treated by us. This is something that we have taken seriously.

Hopefully, the changes that we are currently working on will prevent future shortcomings from our side. We are truly sorry if those changes came too late for some.

Furthermore, we want you all to know that we are continuosly open to feedback if you have something on your mind! Our aim is to create an open atmosphere and promote transparent communication.

We welcome anyone with an interest to send an application (to partake as a reenactor/living historian) when the registration opens. Please note that invitations have never been, nor will ever be required to participate!

We hope to see you next summer!


Elisabet, Cissi, Max S, Fredrik, Petra, Erik & Max G

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